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The only Staking Plan software I have ever used, in fact the only one I will ever need to use.

  • Over 40 staking plans
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Staking Plan

In Play Staking Plan

I aim to win 2% of my bankroll on each bet. So if I am aiming to win £1 and the odds are 1.80 then the stake will be £1.25.
I will always use minimum odds of 1.80 except if I suggest otherwise.
For a 1st half goal bet I usually split my stake 50/50 between the Asian 1st Half Goal Line market 1.0 and 0.5/1.0.
I first bet 50% stake on the 1.0 market once odds reach 1.80 and then wait and stake the other 50% on the 0.5/1.0 market at odds 1.80. If I am not doing this I will say.

I will cash out both bets at the same time if the time elapsed in the match is greater than 15 minutes. I will let the bets run if the goal comes before 15 minutes.
If there has not been a goal in the 1st half after 36 minutes I will back the Asian 1st Half Goal Line market 0.5 for 25% of my initial stake. This is referred to as a ‘reback’. Minimum odds for a reback are 3.00.

If the bet losses I do a recovery bet of over 1.5 goal in the 2nd half to recover the 1st half losses.
If all the bets lose I carry the loss forward onto the next in play selection.
I will suggest the staking and odds on all other in play selections.
If I say a small double or other multiple bet I mean 10% of your current stake.
If the selection has come from ‘BOOMBOT’ (automatic selection robot) I bet a flat 2% on every selection. I never increase or decrease this.
I also purchased The Staking Machine which has many staking plans inbuilt.

Pre Match Staking Plan

I will aim to win 0.5% of my bank roll on each selection.
If the bet fails to win I will carry forward the loss onto the next day.
I carry the entire loss forward and split it evenly between the next days bets. I then add another 0.5% of my bank and this is what I am aiming to win.
A selection is all the bets marked under the headers Football 1 etc.


The bankroll is simply an amount of money you have put to one side for the purposes of placing bets. This should be money that does not have another purpose and you should be will to lose this money.

At the end of each day I alter my bank figure to reflect what has happened during the day. Adding to, or taking from it. This is the bank roll figure I will use for all of the following days bets.

The Most Important Section

This is genuinely the most important section on the whole site but the section most will ignore or just flick through quickly!

Your mindset will determine how successful you will be with the strategies laid out in the site. You could have the best strategy portfolio in the world but if you can’t stick to the overall plan you will not hold onto your hard earned profits.
When trading and betting things are going to go against you. You cannot control this, that’s sport. With experience you will learn to control your emotions and let the strategy take over.
Compounding is the 8th wonder of the world and for good reason. Leave your profits in your bank and adjust your staking plan accordingly and watch your profits sky rocket. Only start withdrawing when you have hit your target. This has been written about in many places, read and get motivated!
At some point you are going to miss out on an opportunity to place a bet or trade. It may happen several times in a row and then the F.O.M.O demon may appear. So the next bet you might jump in early, take worse odds, don’t stick to the plan and guess what happens? It starts to go wrong. If you miss out it doesn’t matter! There will be so many more, better opportunities. Keep your cool and move on.
If you are going to be successful then bank management and a good staking plan are paramount. You must ensure that your betting bank is protected at all times. If you manage this from day 1 then the road ahead will be so much easier.
Set yourself a target and focus on hitting that target. When I first started I targeted £1,000, then £3,000, £10,000 and finally £20,000. Only once I had hit £20,000 did I start withdrawing my monthly profits. This kept me focused and stopped my eyes from wondering to that new TV etc.
At some point there will be a run of losses, this is inevitable. Therefore, build a big enough bank that can cope with a long run of losses and NEVER gamble with money you cannot afford to lose.
If you are going to be successful then bank management and a good staking plan are paramount. You must ensure that your betting bank is protected at all times. If you manage this from day 1 then the road ahead will be so much easier.Record all of your results, good and bad. The Staking Machine does this for you but if you decide to go down the spreadsheet route record everything, including what strategy you used. This is so important for looking back and seeing what is working for you and what isn’t. In February 2020 I made £288.39 profit using Secret Stables horse racing tips using a converted Labouchere staking method and aiming at just £20 profit per sequence. How do I know this? Detailed records! Average £10 profit per day for less than 5 minutes work isn’t too shabby.