Hey BOOMers, welcome to my site. Here you will find an in play scanner and historic stats which you can use to improve your pre-match and in play football betting. Coming soon will be an alert system, bet selector and staking calculator.

Hi Boomers, I'm The Beard...

I have been making a living as a Sports Investor since 2017 after a string of jobs I just didn’t enjoy.

I can’t say it has been easy but it has been lucrative.

I started with Matched Betting and this is still part of my portfolio. I trade on Betfair but mainly I just bet pre-match and in-play on a vast variety of sports including football, darts, tennis, snooker and horse racing.

I started my journey with just £100 and 9 months later had turned this into £20,000! Not too shabby.

I am now sharing my tips and strategies. There will be ups and downs but stick with the plan and we will make it!

So it’s time to Bring the BOOM!